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These are our services

We provide a wide range of both standard and custom containers. Our company offers comprehensive packaging solution to meet our customer´s needs of many industrial applications


We design any metal packaging solutions. The only thing we need to know is the part to be packed. Customers can send us the part or keep in touch with our technical office and send us a file with the specific piece. We assess the design and once known all the requirements (environment, maintenance, ergonomics, etc.) we manufacture it.


With the blueprint or based on the specific container blueprint send by our customer, developers achieve prototyping and test and evaluation/validation to the start-up of the series manufacturing.

In-home repair service

We repair any type of storage container (whether manufactured by us or by third parties). We constantly move around Spain to carry out all the repair work demanded. Mapro offers in-home repair service both in the customer's facilities or in auxiliary workshops in the area, avoiding production shutdown due to lack of packaging. We ensure having human and technical equipment to seek and adapt to customers’ needs


If you wish, we also keep your container fleet in perfect condition by fixed pre-arranged quota.

And here are some applications

We have several models of standard containers to meet the needs of many industrial applications. You can see all these projects here.

Transportation of semi-finished parts and mechanisms addressed to the automotive industry. Our containers are the ideal solution for transport and assembly or part finishing plants. 

These structures allow for easy and safe transport and storage without packaging. Preserve the integrity of bumpers, moons, seats, engines, radiators, suspension arms, wheels, etc. If your portions change, we will modify the structures to make them reusable.

For the construction and machining sector, we manufacture storage structures for formwork, scaffolding, trees, tubes and tipping bucket containers for waste, scrap, machining, mortars, etc.

Storage for drying hams and sausages. Stocking and transporting food, flour, etc. Stainless steel structures, stackable, foldable of standard and custom dimensions.

Containers mainly used for fabric rolls.

Containers for wind turbine parts, solar installations and transport tools.