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Industry leaders

MAPRO ARAGON S.L.L. is a Spanish company placed in the North East of Aragón (Aniñón, Zaragoza). The company provides comprehensive packaging solutions for a wide range of industries such us: automotive, construction, food, textile industry etc. Its main activity is based on manufacturing metal containers for material handling, shipping, and storing applications.

Set up in 2000 by staff draw over twenty years of industrial manufacturing and engineering to provide the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide effective solutions. Nowadays Mapro is fully consolidated in the domestic market.


Jose Mª Lázaro Palacín

Southeast Area Sales Manager – 976 89 94 28 (Ext.1.1) – Email: info@maproaragon.com

Javier Alonso Oses

Northeast area Sales manager – 976 89 94 28 (Ext.1.2) – Email: comercial@maproaragon.com

Mª Pilar Solanas Sebastián

Technical Support Team and Purchasing – 976 89 94 28 (Ext.2) – Email: ofitec@maproaragon.com

Fernando Martínez Ucedo

Production Department – 976 89 94 28 (Ext.3) – Email: produccion@maproaragon.com

Sandra Gregorio Gumiel

Administration and accountancy – 976 89 94 28 (Ext.4) – Email: administración@maproaragon.com

Francisco Vergara Gimeno

Managing Business Coordinator – 976 89 94 28 (Ext.6) – Email: coordina@maproaragon.com

Our main objective is to ensure customer satisfaction. For that reason, we manufacture custom containers in a variety of sizes and specifications according to customer needs and ensuring not only on-time delivery terms agreed but also competitive costs.

We achieve this based on a highly qualified team and fully integrated in the continuous improvement of quality.

Our company is in absolutely constant learning and development, adjusting our own business structure to the specific needs of the market. We have advanced technology in all our facilities.


Technical media

Our company features powerful computer equipment with state-of-the-art 3D design programs. Fully automatic cutting equipment with hydro-pneumatic operation for straight or grade cutting is used to carry out our work. Curver, hydraulic folding machine, several welding stations, column drills, various tools, etc. Painting facilities for lead-free liquid paints with organic or water-soluble solvents, always respecting the environment to the maximum.


Productive process

This is a brief outline of the processes from the time the project arrives to the delivery to the customer: